Global Heart Congress-2019

On behalf of Committee, gladly declares the first release of International CME and CPD Credit Event on "Global Heart Congress" (Global Heart Congress-2019) which will takes place on September 09-10, 2019 at Osaka, Japan composed by Cientific Group with an inspiration to give an amazing universal stage to the academicians, scientists, engineers, modern members and maturing understudies far and wide to impart their examination discoveries to the worldwide specialists.

Topic of the Conference: "Advancements in the field of Cardiology"

Global Heart Congress-2019 gives the chief interdisciplinary gathering to cardiologists, researchers, look into researchers and therapeutic specialists, shares the information and talks about the latest developments, patterns, and down to earth difficulties experienced and the arrangements embraced in the fields of Cardiology and different issue identified with Heart.

We earnestly trust that Global Heart Congress-2019 will fill in as a universal stage for gathering scientists, augmenting proficient contacts and assemble new chances.

Aim and Objectives of Heart congress, Osaka-Japan

1. To talk about fundamental goals in revelations and improvements of Heart and cardiology.

2. Highlight clinical target and significant open doors for progressing latest innovation.

3. To draw in and instruct Cardiology Professional, researchers, Professors, postdoctoral learners and understudies from the business stage to nearby University structure everywhere throughout the world.

4. To submit joint venture proposition.

5. Discuss other two-sided look into projects between Asian Countries, Europe, USA and rest of the world.

6. This gathering will go about as a respectable stage to find assistants for overall research joint endeavors.

Close to 1,200 delivery scientists, engineers, clinicians and technical professionals from 55 countries are expected to attend for a two-day meeting.

Who Attends?


This session provides valuable working efforts of Cardiologist, who specializes in the studies of heart & its functions & also diagnosis, treatment and preventing diseases related to heart and blood vessels.

Key Topics: cardiologistsPaediatric Cardiologists,  Cardiovascular Researchers , Preventive cardiologists.

Cardiovascular Diseases

This session committed to giving examination based answers for issues identified with human heart ailments. Cardiovascular sickness by and large alludes to conditions that include limited or blocked veins that can prompt a heart assault, chest torment (angina) or stroke.

Key Topics: Valvular Heart DiseasesCoronary Artery DiseasesRheumatic Heart Diseases.

Heart Regeneration

The promise of Heart Regeneration is truly remarkable. The main principle behind cardiac regeneration is Reparative stem cells have the capability to restore function to damaged tissue by renewing cell growth in cardiac cells destroyed by heartdisease.

Major topics: Cardiac RemodellingBiomimetic Heart Valve Replacement.

Cardiac Surgery

This session seeks to deliver a valuable set of research involves surgical operations performed on the heart under to correct life-threatening conditions. Cardiac surgery involves substantial risk and is only done when the benefits outweigh the risk.

Major topics: Open heart surgeryOff-Pump Heart Surgery.

Heart Transplant

To boost information of the ebb and flow specialist on creating Heart Transplant. A heart transplant is an activity in which a coming up short, ailing heart is supplanted with a more beneficial, giver heart. 

Significant subjects: Heart valve malady, Irregular pulses, Alcoholism.

Pediatric Cardiology

This session assumes real job under the watchful eye of patients of any age with inherent coronary illness. A large number of these patients require deep rooted development, prompting a most fulfilling, close and long haul association with patients and their families. 

Major TopicsAortic StenosisArrhythmiasCardiomyopathy.

Clinical Cardiology

This session assumes a huge job later on of Cardiology look into. Cardiology worries with illnesses and disarranges of the heart, for example, coronary corridor infection and congestive heart disappointment.

Major topics:Neonatal CardiologySports CardiologyVeterinary Cardiology.

Molecular Cardiology

Molecular Cardiology is a field that incorporates the studies related to genetic heart disorders & to reduce human disease through the integration of basic science research and clinical cardiology.

Major topics: DNAGenesHeart diseasesHypertrophy.




Global Heart Congress 2019, Osaka-Japan is pleased to offer up to 3 Best Abstract Awards for the top 3 abstracts submissions.



In order to be eligible for a Best Abstract Awards, 

1. candidates must be the presenting author of an accepted abstract.

2. Candidate should register and attend the Congress.

3. Consider the Young Researcher Forum and E-poster Abstract are also.



Successful candidates will receive the following:

1. Travel scholarship of  USD 500

2. Complimentary Registration for a future Cientific Pte Ltd. of your choice.


Venue Location

ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka
1-3-1 Dojimahama, Kita-Ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka
Japan, 530-0004.

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Tourist Attractions

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.
La Santa Maria .
Osaka Castle in autumn.
Shitennoji temple.

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Speaker 1

dr. kazi zahidul hoque

dhaka shishu hospital

Speaker 1

dr. samer ellahham


Speaker 1

dr. sunny s. po

associate director

Speaker 1

dr. dayi hu


Speaker 1

dr. fekry el deeb

interventional cardiologist

Speaker 1

dr. pablo avanzas

invasive cardiologist





  • • Unlimited Entrance
  • • Access to All Sessions
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Coffee Break
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Lunch at the conference
  • • Certificate of Presentation
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  • • Unlimited Entrance
  • • Access to All Sessions
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Coffee Break
  • • A free paper abstract
  • • Lunch at the conference
  • • Certificate of Presentation
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